Transforming the lives of tribes through love


We have been working in Attapady tribal area for the last 10 years, running several projects for the overall development of the people here.

Punarjani – A joint project of the State Government and Sri Sathya Sai Oprhange Trust-Kerala, Punarjani is a home for rehabilitating the mentally stable patients, who have been discharged from the mental hospital, but were abandoned by their families.

Colony adoption- Thazhemanjikandi and Dhanyamooru Colonies were adopted by the Trust, where we have been training the people to do cultivation in their own lands, motivating them to earn their livelihood instead of simply wasting their lives on intoxicants. Some Men and Women have also been given the training to ride the tractor. With constant and dedicated efforts, we have been able to work with many families and get them interested in agriculture. Today, as many men, women and children happily look after their Crops, we see a ray of change in them.

  • We were able to provide Safe Drinking water to 41 Schools, which brought about a huge impact on the Children’s health.
  • Free Computer Training Centre
  • Free Ayurveda Clinic
  • Free Dialysis Centre

Pathipara Tribal Colony

Pathipara is a tribal Colony near Kodancherry, were a lady named “Paata” starved to death a few years back. While the news got wide attention and made it to discussions, we thought of understanding the problem in depth and work on solving it. Though the news faded over time, the Trust’s activities here is continuing even today, impacting hundreds of lives. The children here did not know how to brush, how to take a bath, every child was affected by Chori(skin disease) They did not go to school, They did not even know what was outside their colony. The elders, both men and women were under the spell of Alcohol and Intoxicants and failed to even feed their children. The children did not know how to talk to people and used to hide everytime someone was around.

A team lead by Sri. Shaji and Family from Calicut started visiting this colony regularly, providing food, nutrition, awareness classes, dance classes and expanded our big family by adopting this colony in Calicut. In the last 5 years so much has changed here. The children started brushing their teeth and taking bath and the health and hygiene has drastically improved in the area. The ones, who used to hide on seeing 59 people, are dancing and performing on the stage for major public functions attended by Collector and other dignitaries. More than 40 children, who never attended school before are going to school and are staying in the Tribal hostels. Recently, Two girls, Seema and Bindu, passed the SSLC Exam, becoming the first females from the colony to ever give the exam. The women here have started engaging themselves in agricultural activities and are also cooking nutritious food for their children.

The Trust spent around 3 lakh rupees and procured electricity connection in 27 houses here. Training is being given to the elders in Tailoring and Agriculture, motivating them to work and earn a living rather than waste it away, drinking and intoxicating. During summer vacations, a camp is being conducted in collaboration with the Tribal Department and the children have been taken to Trivandrum, Kovalam Beach, Museum, Zoo etc. giving them the exposure and moulding them culturally, morally and spiritually and ensuring that the coming generations will not be alcoholics and will have a much better life.